Saturday, July 25, 2009

Photos as promised!

Enjoy seeing what you paid for sluts!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Human statues, and shopping spree!

I have decided recently to turn my blackmail bitch into a human statue as I thought the club needed some human decoration. Of course loving that and having begged me for this privlage I bought this really cool RLV enabled pedistal. Then placed it in a position of honor next to the thrones in the club. I think he looks perfect there. He is leaving himself afk online now because of course a statue should be in position all the time. Purrrs love it!!!

Tributes have been so fabulous the past few weeks that I treated myself to a few new things. I wanted new clothes so I bought this fabulous dress from torrid, this adorable button up shirt with a vest, a high waist skirt, and two plain white shirts to go with it.Then two pairs of my favorite heels, mary janes. One is a high heeled stilleto with bows on the strap, and the other is a pair of patent mary janes. Then I decided on something even pricier. I bought that new laptop I wanted. (Pictures to come when my camera is charged of the laptop). Its beautiful! I have been enjoying the fact that I don't have to lug my huge 17incher everywhere, and can now write when I want. Thats all for now sluts

Ta ta for now!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Black Mail Bitch's latest photo

Blackmail bitch sent me this photo this morning. LOVE it! He has been under orders to use his diaper instead of the toilet at night for everything. I wanted to make him wallow in it like the cash piggie he is. He also painted his nails two shades of pink. So cute right? Such a good devoted bitch he is.

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recent tributes

120 US + 20k from Blackmail bitch
15k from SD Doc
20k from sissy silgon

Keep them coming in sluts!

Lipstick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna