Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween here I come

Goddess is so excited for halloween! I am going as the queen of hearts this year! I even bought a cute pinup hat to put my own spin on the costume. I have to say I am impressed with blackmail bitch. He has been tributing and spoiling his Goddess nicely. I adore you my blackmail bitch, keep up the good work!!!!

Sd Doc has been proving quite usefull as well helping me with some research on a topic of interest, that I am doing for a class. I love how he is always there to help in whatever way I want. My tool to use and mold as I see fit. Not only this but he has been supporting my sl shopping haibit very good my Doc!

Recent tributes

200us from blackmail bitch for my costume, cellphone, and shopping.

20k from SD Doc for shopping in sl!

Well all look for an upcoming blog about a live rl session I had with myr l boi levi and the wonderful gifts he bought me to play with. As well as a few new ones coming and possibly a photo of me in my new pinup hat looking as fine as ever!

Ta ta for now!

Lipsitick and Spanks

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna