Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lots of gifts/Halloween Blast!

Halloween was a total blast, I took lots of photos, had lots to drink, and of course some great wild sex with my boyfriend in our luxerious hotel room. All paid for of course, with nothing coming out of MY pocket. Such a spoiled life I lead! The gifts have been rolling in, my rl boy levi has bought me some new things, I am posting a picture of the recipt since I don't feel like taking a photo of everything he bought me! I may do that later. He spent almost a 1,000us this time, what a lucky subbie he is to have been able to lavish so much money on me!

Blackmail bitch continues to outdo himself with a tribute of 140us plus the most beautiful flowers for halloween. He of course paid for my halloween costume, and paid for my drinks while I was down there. Such a lucky pet he is! I adore my blackmail bitch so much! Here is a photo of the beautiful flowers he sent me! Aren't they beautiful?

Doc and sunset both also merit a mention in my blog. Doc conintues to do my research I need done, and prove himself a useful tool to me, this is on top of the 10k he has sent me in sl to fund my shopping addiction in SL. I love when I can buy a whole new wardrobe on a slaves money! Sunset bought me a new camera, and of course this makes me happy. I don't have a photo of it but will try to take one with the old camera and post it. I love my life!!!

Ta ta for now!

Mistress Katanzia Mckenna